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The Path Through The Trees

At times I have felt like a scholar on that summer day of August 24th, the year 410.

I have despaired at times we were on the threshold of another great dark age.  In my young life I have seen the rise of intolerance, ignorance, and hate – both here and afar.

Today, more than any other day, I have felt blessed to see my fears laid to rest.  I have witnessed the mantle of our future taken in the highly capable hands of my son.  My son graduated with a liberal arts degree.  I myself longed to do so, but was afraid of the typical, not getting  a job, my future.  I was wrong – so wrong – and Devin has been right.  He has not once let a fear stop him, but pursued his goals with relentless determination.

When Devin started applying to law school I wondered if he reached too far, yet he achieved his goal, with persistence, grace and hard work.  He has demonstrated an admirable grace under pressure.  I cannot begin to tell you how hard he dedicated himself to his studies.   He graduated with honors and was so modest and humble he didn’t even mention it to us, nor did we include it on his invitations.  Thank you so much for sharing this special moment with Leann and I.  We are vastly proud of our son.

He is at the threshold  of the road leading through the forest of knowledge.  I say this, because as my father told me, college graduation is the beginning of your education.  It is so true.   The world is adrift in the frightening tide of rising anti-intellectualism – a neo barbarism – now called being republican.

As I said I have had terrible fear for the morrow.  Yet, today I am blessed with hope.  A hope of a brighter tomorrow.   Today son your life’s journal is open, the page is blank, and the pen is poised.    As you travel the road through the  forest of knowledge ,may the sun of wisdom and scholarship help you grow and guide you in writing the book of your life.   May your story be long, rewarding, full of adventure, compassion, empathy and most of all love.  Your graduation is not the end of a journey, my son, it is only the beginning, the first step in the long path of knowledge and wisdom.  As you travel the forest of knowledge, may you learn its secrets and hidden truths; thusly the world will open for you in your quest for light and justice.

As another son millennia past having grown a thoroughly unremarkable life, to that point, actually an amazingly unremarkable life as his next three years literally changed the world, but upon reaching his threshold of life, as you now reach yours,  his father said unto him as I say to you….   this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased. “

I am pleased, and you are beloved.  We toast your success and victory.

Our family crest is   VIVERE SAT VINCERE –  to live another day to conquer.

As our exceptionally warlike family in the past conquered their enemies on the field of battle, live another day to conquer ignorance, lack of wisdom and lack of knowledge.

Be a gauntlet against the tide of anti-intellectualism,  always learn,  be wise – be a scholar of life.