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The Tiny Bean Plant (A Parody)

Once in a forest deep, a small  – infinitesimally small – bean plant struggled into the light.  It toiled through the leaves, the detritus of the forest floor and ravages of times past: it stretched,  into the air, reaching up towards the sun.   Beside the insignificant bean plant, stood a might Sequoia, reaching skyward for many hundreds of feet, a vast and mighty old tree.  A patriarch of knowledge and wisdom,  looking up at the mighty sentential of the forest of wisdom, the tiny bean plant, said… “one day I shall be as you”.

Thus, the proverb begins, though the story is unwritten.  You son, are the tiny bean plant, who has just struggled through the detritus of ignorance surrounding us, towards the light of wisdom.  In my life I have seen the growth of ignorance, intolerance, hate  – both in this country and afar – truly I fear at times we are at the gates of  another great dark age.

Yet, today I am blessed with hope.  A hope of a brighter tomorrow.  May the sun of wisdom and knowledge help you grow and guide you in writing the book of your life.   May your story be long, rewarding, full of adventure, compassion, empathy and most of all love.  Your graduation is not the end of a journey, my son, it is only the beginning, the first step in the long path of knowledge and wisdom, so that you to may one day stand tall, in hopes to become a small sapling in the forest erudition.

May you learn its secrets and hidden truths; thusly the world will open for you in your quest for light and justice.

Little bean plant, we gather to celebrate your triumph of landing on fertile soil, and having overcome the first layer of toil to see both the light and mighty pillar of knowledge standing tall beside you.

Grow and learn  –  know above all we are most proud.   A mighty day, a mighty achievement.   Eras past, bards would construct mighty sagas of your achievements, now lamentably; you have mere scribers, noting the passing of your success.   Yet a triumph it is, and we – your friends and admirers – are all here to share.

Little bean plant – we are proud, most proud.

None is prouder than the mighty Sequoia.